About Simmerer

Hello and welcome! I am a Taiwanese American, born and bred in Queens, NY. My interest in cooking started in college, where for the first time, my sophomore year, I was living alone in a single (I had a roommate and many many housemates my freshman year) and found myself with a lot of free time and in need of some tastier food options. I grew up in a house of nightly quick stir-fried dishes, sweet and salty saucy braised meat dishes, slurpy noodles, Taiwanese cold dishes of cucumber, eggplant and tofu salads all while being surrounded on TV, magazines and restaurant menus, by dishes like mac and cheese, infinite casseroles, roast chicken, lasagna, mashed potatoes, omelettes and salads. But I had never made any of these things and the ingredients were foreign to me despite being pretty familiar with their tastes from eating out in restaurants. So, when I was on my own for the first time in college and didn’t feel like I was an imposter in my very particular mother’s kitchen, I gravitated towards these foreign dishes that I had seen and heard or read about my whole life but never fully understood. I started with baking (cookies and brownies), then making pasta with jarred sauce, progressed to roasting, scrambling eggs, making omelettes, pancakes, made my first risotto, lasagna, eggplant parm, and somewhere along the way I ended up alternating between the Taiwanese dishes I grew up with at home and the Western dishes I grew up watching and hearing about all around me.

I find myself today, five years after graduating college and elbow-deep in my graduate education, still ravenously scouring the internet and my local library for any and all recipes and cookbooks that inspire me. For years, I’ve been saving links to recipes and keeping notes on the small fraction that I have actually tried my hand at on a Google Doc that has grown to be a bit unmanageable due to its enormity. This blog is my attempt at finally making some progress towards cooking my way through all those saved recipes. I don’t know if they’ll all be wonderful, but it will definitely be quite an experiment.